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Patients with severely damaged teeth due to an accident, heavy wear or malocclusion are prime candidates for our full mouth rejuvenation service in Miami. This procedure involves multiple steps that all contribute to one ultimate goal: restore and regenerate your smile and the working mechanisms of the oral cavity.

Full mouth rejuvenation procedures require extensive pre-planning and forethought. This service involves intervention on your teeth, gums and bite – essentially renovating the entire oral cavity for enhanced functionality and form. Because this multi-step procedure is so involved, patients should expect to commit to numerous appointments and procedures over multiple months. But, the results are worth the time investment, especially if you suffer from low self-confidence and a diminished quality of life due to the current state of your mouth.

Unlike an aesthetic reconstruction alone, full mouth rejuvenation is intended to restore the mouth’s proper function. Because we are tackling all aspects of the oral cavity that aren’t up to par, patients can look forward to an improved appearance as well. No more concealing your smile because of embarrassment or shame. Patients who undergo full mouth rejuvenation leave Assure A Smile with self-assurance and satisfaction.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation: Step by Step

The first step to assessing candidacy for full mouth rejuvenation is the initial consultation. Whether you suffered a serious accident or neglected your oral health for years, we will determine only the obligatory procedures for restoring your teeth and gums. Dr. Ted Herrmann will discuss the pros behind each step, providing a detailed description of the following:

  • Individual expectations
  • Temporary dietary or lifestyle restrictions
  • Expected timeline
  • Healing time
  • Functional benefits
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Potential negative implications of forgoing restorative surgery

In a full mouth rejuvenation consultation, Dr. Herrmann analyzes each individual patient for decay, cavities, cracks, damages, periodontitis (gum disease), gingivitis, misalignment, malocclusion, toxic mercury fillings and cosmetics. From there, we can develop the best plan to re-create healthy teeth and gums.

Why Assure A Smile?

Our primary goal at Assure A Smile is to restore the mouth to peak health and desirability without judgment. New patients can expect consideration, understanding and compassion for all oral cavity conditions and complications. Most importantly, we listen to each patient’s concerns. We want to put you at ease through this extensive, yet highly rewarding, process of full mouth rejuvenation. Not only should the results be worthwhile, but each procedure should leave you both comfortable and optimistic of the final outcome.

Dr. Ted Herrmann has upheld a highly-regarded dental practice in South Florida for nearly three decades. As a top Miami holistic dentist, Dr. Herrmann evaluates and treats his patients with whole body wellness in mind. Many of Assure A Smile’s full mouth rejuvenation procedures, including mercury filling removal, provide benefits that span beyond the oral cavity. Dr. Herrmann employs bio compatible materials, safe mercury removal and natural gum disease treatment to keep toxic and harsh elements out of the equation. Above all, we firmly believe holistic education is key to preventing future complications and maintaining oral health for a lifetime.

To learn more about our Miami full mouth rejuvenation, or to schedule an initial consultation at our office, call us directly at 305-274-0047 or use our online scheduling form.