Charcoal Toothpaste May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

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Charcoal Toothpaste May Be Doing More Harm Than Good


If you’ve spent any time on social media services like Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen an ad promoting the magic of charcoal toothpaste. The toothpaste is supposedly able to turn the teeth a couple of shades whiter. The toothpaste is so popular, it’s being used in countries throughout the world. Is it truly able to work as effectively as advertised?
Maybe not.

A British Dental Journal (BDJ) study found that the whitening claims of charcoal toothpaste may not be living up to the hype and may carry health risks in addition to potentially damaging teeth. According to the BDJ study, the amount of evidence showing genuine tooth whitening benefits was “insufficient”. It was also found to possibly be abrasive to the teeth, causing wear or tooth surface loss.

Besides the possible negative effects of the charcoal toothpaste, the BDJ study also suggests that the particles from the toothpaste may become lodged around the gums, causing a black lining.
To reduce the chances of causing damage to your teeth, you may be better off sticking to something tried and true such as a proven, fluoride-free toothpaste.

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