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The BioTENS by BioResearch is an ultra low frequency transcutaneous electrical neural stimulator (ULF-TENS) designed to provide gentle facial muscle stimulation prior to taking a clinical bite registration. This delivers a number of benefits, including more facial muscle activity and better consistency in successive bite registrations. Over time, the use of BioTENS technology enables more precise treatment of a wide array of dental conditions, from general restoration procedures to more advanced aesthetic ones.

How BioTENS Works

A compact and gentle device, the BioTENS works as follows:

  1. BioTENS electrodes are applied, resting on the patient’s right and left cheek.
  2. The device delivers a precisely regulated bilateral stimulus to the facial muscles.
  3. Gentle stimulation is delivered simultaneously, regulated through the fifth (Vth) and seventh (VIIth) cranial nerves.
  4. Muscle activity increases across the entire masticatory and facial musculature.
  5. Patients exhibit a reduction in muscle tension.
  6. Following application, a bite registration is taken as normal.

Understanding the ‘Bite Registration’

A bite registration is a simple method dentists use to determine the relationship between the patient’s teeth. Understanding how the teeth fit together is critical when performing any procedure that involves modifying one or more teeth. During both restorative and cosmetic procedures, a bite registration provides insight on how the teeth must be modified to ensure a healthy and comfortable fit.

BioTENS in Miami

The BioTENS by BioResearch is just one of many advanced dental technologies that makes Assure A Smile Miami’s leading holistic dental practice. For more information on the BioTENS, contact Assure A Smile at 305-274-0047 today.

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