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The JT-3D “jaw tracker” by BioResearch helps patients realize a more comfortable bite following most dental procedures. Using this piece of technology, dentists at Assure A Smile can more accurately determine how patients’ teeth fit together, allowing for more efficient post-procedure shaping and alignment adjustments.

Jaw Tracking Technology

At Assure A Smile, we are pleased to offer the JT-3D, a new standard in the study of mandibular kinesiology (movement of the jaw). By analyzing the movement of the jaw and the way in which teeth align with one another, dental professionals are able to make alignment adjustments that promote comfort and functionality. These subtle yet effective adjustments simultaneously prevent discomfort, tooth damage, muscle strain, the development of TMJ symptoms, and other forms of long term pain.

Benefits of the JT-3D

Precise tracking. The JT-3D has been developed to uphold an all-new standard in mandibular kinesiology. Constructed using lightweight aerospace materials, this hybrid mechanical/computer-aided design measures all 3 major forms of jaw movement: Vertical, antero-posterior, and lateral. Together, these measurements give dental professionals unparalleled insight on exactly how the jaw is moving, and which adjustments are necessary to promote natural alignment.

Simple, comfortable design. The JT-3D rests gently on the patient’s head, taking precise mandibular movement measurements without ever making contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. Accurate measurements are quickly recorded, without ever causing a claustrophobic obstruction to the face.

An accurate plan of action. BioResearch is the first and only medical device company to perfect the FGM sensor system, a highly advanced technology that is known to provide linear range tracking with up to 50% more accuracy than other leading devices. This ensures the most accurate plan of action is developed and implemented to create a comfortable and natural alignment of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding oral tissues.

JT-3D Jaw Tracker in Miami

The JT-3D by BioResearch is just one of many advanced dental technologies that makes Assure A Smile Miami’s leading holistic dental practice. For more information not he JT-3D and jaw alignment procedures, contact Assure A Smile at 305-274-0047.

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