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When you visit your dentist’s office, you’re expecting an environment that is sterile and free of pathogens and contaminants. As people are becoming more conscious of washing their hands and taking hygiene extra seriously, Assure a Smile is also doing its part. Along with constant cleaning and using ozone to keep our tools spotless, we’re also using the power of DentAirVac to keep things even cleaner.


DentAirVac is a powerful vacuum or “air evacuation system” specifically designed to extract and filter potentially harmful vapors and microbiological pollutants off the dentist, assistant, and patient’s immediate breathing environment. The vacuum cleans the operating air while conducting extractions, high-speed drilling, and many other procedures including removal of dental mercury amalgam where it is necessary or needed to have an oral aerosol vacuum system.


Scientific research on amalgam removal has indicated that dentists, staff, and patients may be exposed to potentially hazardous Mercury vapor and other pollutants at levels higher than usual. Placing and extracting amalgam fillings are common dental procedures that may not always be performed safely. The DentAirVac provides a major line of defense that gives our dental office a secure, worry-free atmosphere clear of contaminants like:


  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Noxious chemicals
  • Prophy powder
  • Smoke plume
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