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What is Holistic Healthcare?

Holistic Dentist

Holistic Healthcare is a system of health care that involves analyzing the system as a whole and not just piece by piece. In Holistic dentistry, we look at the body as one entire system. We treat the teeth and gums as one system. We also look at the teeth and gums as a representation of overall body health. For example, bad gums can be related to heart problems, while teeth problems can lead to or be caused by kidney problems.

Reasons to Choose Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry in Miami, Florida is becoming increasingly popular. Here is a look at some reasons why holistic dentistry is capturing the attention of those seeking quality oral care:

  • Bio Compatible materials
  • Safe mercury removal
  • Comfortable and natural gum disease treatment
  • Treating TMJ and bite problems
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Education

Bio compatible materials

One reason people are looking with more interest towards holistic dentistry is the use of bio compatible materials. At Assure a Smile, we believe that you should not need to add any more toxins to your body when you are already exposed to so many on a daily basis.

These materials are less toxic as compared to traditional materials that may cause sensitivities or other troublesome reactions. Bio materials can be found in filings, crowns, and orthodontics.

Safe Mercury Removal

Holistic dentists do not believe in using toxic fillings made of mercury. It is not surprising, then, that safe mercury removal is a very important procedure. However, to perform safe mercury removal there are special precautions that have to be taken to ensure that you do not breathe in or swallow the metal particles. Many Miami holistic dentists also utilize filters to prevent metal from entering into the public water system. It is thought that as much as 14% of the pollution in the ocean is caused by dental waste.
 At Assure a Smile, we utilize these filtration methods to do our part in waste reduction.

Research has shown that the same bacteria that leads to gum disease can also lead to other problems throughout the body, including heart disease. This makes sense as your mouth is the opening to the rest of your body. Comfortable gum treatment is of paramount importance when trying to protect your body from bacteria and infection. Your Miami, Florida biological dentist Miami will try to use his or her knowledge of integrative dentistry to find a way to naturally treat your gum disease with as little pain as possible.

TMJ Holistic Dental approach

When treating TMJ and bite problems, holistic dentistry also realizes that the structure of your mouth is important to your overall health. Because of this they look at the entire picture. A Miami holistic dentist will use specially designed splints, muscular adjustments, and a chiropractor to help you achieve the best results.

Good Diet

While holistic dentistry knows the importance of brushing and flossing, it also focuses on a healthy diet. Your Miami dentist may talk about issues of particular importance such as having an alkaline and sugar free diet to help reduce bacterial growth and acidity of saliva, both of which are major causes of tooth decay.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic dentistry also looks at drug free options for treatment. You may find that the Miami holistic dentist uses homeopathic pellets and gels to help calm anxiety, alleviate pain, and reduce the effects of anesthesia after a treatment.

Cosmetic bonding

Old metal fillings can create cracks and fractures in your teeth, and they therefore need to be removed before they cause the tooth to break. Holistic dentistry uses bonding techniques that can eliminate the need for caps and crowns and allow the dentist to save more of the natural tooth. Besides being more conservative, this bonding also looks more natural.


Holistic dentists believe in educating their patients. This includes teaching you about the benefits of a good diet, what ingredients to avoid, and how to choose organic alternatives for your dental care. Your holistic dentist can even help you to identify toxins in the food you eat, the cleaning products you use, and medicine you take. By doing this and teaching their patients to live a balanced lifestyle, a holistic dentist is able to provide an important education service to the community.

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