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Just one night of poor sleep can potentially lead to a host of negative effects on the body and mind, from feeling lethargic to difficulty concentrating at work or school. Even if you sleep for the recommended seven to eight hours each night, disorders like sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep quality.

Sleep apnea is when you momentarily stop breathing during sleep or experience shallow breathing. The process can range from seconds to minutes and it can affect adults as well as children. While CPAP solutions have worked, we’re excited to tell you more about the groundbreaking Vivos® System.

Vivos System is an FDA cleared solution designed to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. After disorder diagnosis by a physician, a dentist trained in Vivos will design a biomimetic Vivos medical device specifically for you, typically worn for a year or so at night during sleep as directed by your physician. With Vivos, its positive effects can be felt in a matter of days or weeks, resulting in better sleep, better mental performance, and simply feeling better overall. Throughout the process, your dentist will make tweaks to the device while working closely with a sleep professional.

We are excited to offer Vivos to our patients at Assure a Smile. Please call or visit us today to learn more about this sleep breakthrough.

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