These 3 Diet Snacks Are Bad for Your Teeth

//These 3 Diet Snacks Are Bad for Your Teeth

These 3 Diet Snacks Are Bad for Your Teeth

Added sugars can be extremely harmful to your oral health. In fact, sodas and fruit juices often lead to enamel erosion and cavities when consumed in excess. But, don’t assume that reaching for a low-sugar or faux-sugar alternative is a superior option.
While these treats taste like the real deal and might help slim your waistline, they do little in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

1. Diet Coke

Recent research has shown that Diet Coke, although technically sugar free, can soften enamel anywhere between 30 and 50 percent. Just because it’s void of calories, Diet Coke isn’t a healthy choice for your teeth and gums. While limiting your sugar intake helps to minimize dental decay, the chemicals in your go-to diet sodas are still full of acids that cause damage over the years.

2. Sugar-Free Candies

Fruit-flavored candies cause more oral damage compared to menthol or mint candies. Some gums and candies will tout healthy teeth benefits, but many also contain high levels of citric acids that can lead to tooth erosion. Hard candies might also lead to a chipped tooth if you’re not careful, whether they are sugar-free or not.

3. Coffee

While black coffee only contains about 5 calories per cup, many add artificial sweeteners in granulated form or via low-calorie creamers to cut down on bitterness. Sugar substitutes are not as detrimental to teeth as real sugar, and some sugar alcohols (polyols) actually contain antibacterial benefits. Nevertheless, coffee and some teas are loaded with caffeine which can dry out your mouth. Plus, these beverages tend to stain surfaces. If you can’t resist the morning fix, brush your teeth afterward and drink plenty of water to rehydrate your mouth.
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