Does Zoom Whitening Work?

//Does Zoom Whitening Work?

Does Zoom Whitening Work?

Everyone has days when they aren’t feeling quite as bright and cheerful. While faking a smile is said to release feel-good hormones that can perk up your day, forcing yourself to grin is especially difficult when your teeth are the very thing bringing you down. Depending on the severity, dull, yellow and stained teeth can be embarrassing. Luckily, in today’s world of cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to hide your yellow smile any longer.
Zoom Whitening treatments can brighten your pearly whites up to eight shades in less than two hours. Using hydrogen peroxide and a special light that activates the formula, the procedure produces results in just one office visit. Through regular whitening sessions and staining prevention strategies, you can maintain the same bright smile over time.

Why Zoom?

The benefits of Zoom Whitening compared to other, store-bought whitening products include the following:

  • Efficient process
  • Instant, long-lasting results
  • Lessened sensitivity
  • Safe and effective procedure

Some patients are hesitant to undergo a whitening treatment because of the painful side effects. At Assure A Smile, dental hygienists cover your lips and gums to target only the teeth. Following the treatment, a special sensitivity gel is applied in order to minimize sensitivity after the procedure. If pain continues, patients can take Tylenol or Aleve to help alleviate any discomfort.
During a personalized consultation, the dental team at Assure A Smile will discuss how lifestyle habits may be harming your teeth and their aesthetic appeal. To best maintain results after a Zoom Whitening procedure, limit red wine, black coffee and avoid smoking. Age and unavoidable wear and tear can lead to staining on their own, so it’s important to uphold a regular cleaning routine to keep plaque from dulling your teeth.
To schedule your whitening consultation, contact our office or use our online scheduling form to book your next appointment.

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