The DNA Appliance®: A Holistic Approach to Smile Enhancement

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The DNA Appliance®: A Holistic Approach to Smile Enhancement

A new orthodontic treatment has patients buzzing with excitement and positive reviews. It’s called the Daytime-Nightime Appliance®, or DNA appliance® for short, and medical professionals believe it will forever change the way patients think of smile enhancement.
Like other orthodontic treatments, the patented DNA Appliance has the ability to straighten teeth and create a beautiful, memorable smile. However, what makes the DNA Appliance unique—and incredibly effective—is the approach it takes to correct common smile and alignment issues.
Using a new concept called Epigenetic Orthodontics, the DNA Appliance helps patients create the smile of their dreams by enhancing the entire facial region. From underlying jawbone to the teeth, and everything in between, this new device encourages gentle, natural, and holistic changes to each of the most critical elements of a patient’s smile. Best of all, the device is completely removable and need only be worn in the evening and at night to achieve desired results.

DNA Appliance System: FAQ and Review

1. How is DNA Appliance different from other orthodontic treatments?
Traditional metal braces are permanently affixed to the teeth. They are tightened over time to forcefully move crooked teeth into a more desirable position.
Instead of focusing on just the teeth, the DNA Appliance uses patented aligners to encourage the jaw, teeth, and soft tissue to slowly and naturally fall into realignment over time. This new concept is referred to as Epigenetic Bio-modeling, and it has a profoundly positive impact on much more than just the teeth.
See It In Action: Watch the video below to see how the DNA Appliance slowly shifts the entire mouth into beautiful alignment:

2. What is Bio-Modeling, and why is it so beneficial?
Epigenetic Bio-Modeling is a new term that describes how certain elements of the jaw and face can be re-aligned for more optimal function. This holistic approach to smile enhancement is superior to traditional metal braces because it treats the craniofacial, dental, and airway structures as a whole.
As a result, patients receive additional benefits that extend beyond cosmetic smile enhancement. These include:

  • Optimal re-alignment of the jaw and TMJ, relieving pain while preventing teeth from shifting out of alignment after treatment.
  • Natural re-alignment of the airway, which has been shown to improve respiratory function, inhibit snoring, reduce sleep apnea, and improve overall sleep quality.

3. Is the DNA Appliance removable, like Invisalign®?
Yes, the DNA Appliance is also completely removable, allowing patients to brush and floss their teeth as normal. This convenience alone promotes superior oral health during treatment by significantly reducing the amount of food and bacteria that would otherwise be trapped between fixed metal braces and the teeth/ gums.

Learn More About the DNA Appliance System

To learn more about the revolutionary DNA Appliance, contact Assure A Smile online or call our office directly at 305-274-0047. Our friendly staff is happy to address each of your dental, orthodontic, and holistic health inquiries.

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