Best of the Miami Dentist Blog 2014

Best of the Miami Dentist Blog 2014

The New Year is here, and for many people that usually means one thing: It’s time to recommit to better health, wellness, and happiness! As we reflect on 2014, the editor’s of the Miami Dentist Blog would like to highlight a few of our most-read articles on oral health and total body wellness. From everyone at Assure A Smile, we wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry. Usually, the term cosmetic dentistry brings to mind braces, whitening strips, and other tools that dentists use to improve how teeth look. That’s not the only way cosmetic dentistry can be used to help patients live a healthier life, however. In this article, we explore the ways in which cosmetic procedures can be used to improve the feel and “fit” of the teeth, which can have far-reaching holistic health benefits. We also explore the importance of non-toxic materials when performing cosmetic procedures, like bio-compatible bonds, brides, and implants.
Avoid Fluoride While Grocery Shopping. Men and women across the globe are increasingly stepping toward a completely fluoride-free lifestyle. For most individuals, the choice to eliminate fluoride exposure is based on numerous scientific studies that tie fluoride (and fluoridated water) with lower IQ in children, impaired Pineal gland function, arthritis, and a number of other serious health concerns. In addition to avoiding this dangerous chemical at the dentists’ office and kitchen sink, patients must also be wary of the way fluoride might sneak its way into the grocery story. In this must-read article, we identify specific types of foods that are high in fluoride and offer tips to avoid them.
Scientific World Journal Calls for Critical Review of Fluoridated Public Water. The debate over the potential health benefits of fluoride has been waged for several decades. In 2014, the fluoride opposition saw many major victories. One such victory was realized early in the year when the Scientific World Journal called for a critical review of the outdated practice, stating that “…available evidence suggests that fluoride has a potential to cause major adverse human health problems, while having only a modest dental caries prevention effect…”
Heavy Metal Poisoning and Treatment Options in Miami. In this video, Dr. Herrmann explains how a personal experience with mercury poisoning led to his development of a holistic dental practice committed to helping families in Miami and across the U.S. understand the dangers of toxic heavy metals. Learn how dental amalgam is mixed with up to 50% more metallic mercury, and read about a new study that names mercury as 1 of 4 heavy metals that are now linked with the development of diabetes.
Oil Pulling for Holistic Health. Over the past year, our office received many questions from patients interested in oil pulling. This ancient practice has origins in India, and today it remains one of the easiest ways to maintain exceptional oral health. Oil pulling involves swishing oil (sesame or coconut works best) each morning to extract bacteria from the soft oral tissues while simultaneously nourishing them. Visit this article to learn more about the origins of oil pulling, and follow these 6 easy steps to begin oil pulling in your spare time at home.
3D Dental Imaging at Assure A Smile. Last year, our practice invested in a number of new technologies designed to deliver a superior level of care to our patients. One of the most exciting of those technologies is the Gendex 3D X-ray System, a new type of imaging technology that helps our dental team catch serious oral health issues early, treat them with greater precision, and help patients visualize their personal oral anatomy like never before. This technology also provides enhanced imaging for better orthodontic planning and treatment. Best of all, the system emits a much lower amount of radiation compared to traditional X-ray machines, meaning your next visit will be one the safest and healthiest available in Miami.
Mercury in Your Mouth [Free Infographic]. Sometimes, images help to explain complex issues best. That’s why we’ve created this free Infographic to help patients understand why mercury fillings present a serious problem to both personal health and the long term vitality of the environment. Help spread awareness for this important health issue by reviewing this Infographic and sharing with friends and family on social media. Bloggers and Webmasters are welcomed to add this Infographic to their own blog or website using the Embed code in the Share This Infographic section at the bottom of the page.
Measurably Misleading: Danger of Silver Fillings. Here’s another one of 2014’s most-read articles on the danger of dental amalgam, the traditional restorative that many dentists still use during routine cavity restorations. These silver fillings have the potential to cause great harm to the patient, the community in which the patient lives, and the global environment. Learn more about the danger of mercury fillings in this article, including the ways in which toxic mercury can spread throughout local community waterways and natural ecosystems after being improperly removed. After reading this special article, it becomes increasingly clear that mercury dental fillings pose a much larger threat to the health and wellness of the world than previously thought.
Tips for Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy During the Holidays. The holidays are synonymous with rest and relaxation. Even as children, we grow up with the notion that holidays are a time to go on break. Unfortunately, breaking from routine can often cause serious health issues. This is especially true during the winter holiday season, when meals tend to be longer, sweeter, and more tiresome. Follow these 6 tips to keep teeth and gums healthy through the holidays. Though the holiday season is over, these tips are perfect for vacations too!

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