How Can You Treat and Prevent Cut Gums

//How Can You Treat and Prevent Cut Gums

How Can You Treat and Prevent Cut Gums

Your gums are sensitive, vulnerable, and exposed to lots of things that can result in cuts or lacerations. Biting on a sharp piece of food awkwardly, losing your grip on a toothbrush, flossing to vigorously, or an external trauma like a fall or impact can all cause a cut gum. Such injuries are usually not severe and heal on their own, but they can be painful and uncomfortable. Treating them quickly can help them heal faster and prevent infection or further problems.
Once you notice a cut on your gum, you may see blood as well. Often, the bleeding looks worse than it actually is, as blood can mix with saliva to make it seem like you’re bleeding more profusely than you are. To clean the cut and minimize the risk of infection, rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water diluted with salt or use an antiseptic mouthwash. Then, to slow and stop the bleeding, apply light pressure to the cut and apply ice to minimize swelling and discomfort.
Of course, not all cuts are so easily treated. If the bleeding won’t subside after 10 minutes of pressure and ice, is longer than ½ inch, or was caused by a puncture wound or bite, you should see your dentist.
Kids, because of falls, sports, or roughhousing, tend to get gum cuts more frequently than adults. If your child has cut their gum, they’ll let you know it pretty quick, perhaps through tears. Calm them down and treat their wound as you would your own. Wash your hands as you may have to reach into their mouth to see and treat the cut. Rinse the cut and the surrounding area with a saltwater solution and apply pressure and ice. That ice can come in the form of a popsicle or ice cube that they can suck on to reduce swelling and bleeding
If your child plays sports, investing in a mouth guard is the best way to prevent gum cuts. You can find ready-made guards at a sporting goods store or you can order a custom-made guard from your dentist.
Assure A Smile: Keeping You and Your Mouth Healthy
Cuts aren’t the only harm that can come to your gums. Good dental habits are the key to keeping your gums healthy and preventing the growth of bacteria which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious oral health issues. At Assure A Smile in Miami, we partner with our patients to help them develop healthy, natural, and effective oral hygiene habits as part of an overall wellness strategy and holistic healthcare approach. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 305-274-0047.

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