Why It’s Important To Keep Your Tongue Clean

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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Tongue Clean

Oral Hygiene Tips From a Holistic Dentist

Brushing your teeth is essential for excellent oral hygiene. Cleaning your teeth twice a day, as well as as flossing every day may seem like enough to keep bacteria at bay, but what about your tongue? Here are some oral hygiene tips from our holistic dentist. 

Cleaning Your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue is a vital component of your daily routine for removing bacteria, dead skin cells, and food debris. Bad breath produced by bacterial buildup on the tongue is known as halitosis. If you don’t clean your tongue, you risk developing halitosis and other health problems. 

Believe it or not, germs on the tongue can cause one to lose their sense of taste or change the way foods taste. Gum disease is another issue that can arise as a result of not washing one’s tongue. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria spreading to the gums, resulting in swollen, bleeding, and red gums. When you don’t keep your tongue clean, you risk developing tooth decay and losing your teeth.

If you want to clean your tongue, talk to your holistic dentist in Miami about which products or tools are appropriate for you. To incorporate into your routine, it’s advisable to utilize a dentist-recommended product; suggestions may be made based on your age and previous oral diseases.

Holistic Dentist in Miami

To learn more about the benefits of holistic dentistry in Miami and how to create healthy habits for a healthier you, please visit Assure a Smile online or call our friendly front desk at 305-723-9589.

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