3 Leading Holistic Health Techniques to Consider

//3 Leading Holistic Health Techniques to Consider

3 Leading Holistic Health Techniques to Consider

Adopting a holistic lifestyle takes time, determination and resolve. Physicians and specialists research, analyze and practice for years before promoting alternative practices. And, patients need time to familiarize themselves with a renewed way of life. But, every individual transitioning to integrative health starts somewhere, and making small changes to your routine can put you on the right path toward total wellbeing.
Consider three simple holistic health techniques to jumpstart your journey:

Meditation and Yoga

The earliest recorded meditation practices, called Dhyana, date back to 1500 BCE Hinduism. Such traditions later became prevalent in China and Buddhist India. Yoga, which fuses physical exercise with spiritual discipline, began in Northern India. Despite their long history, meditation and yoga only gained mainstream, westernized popularity in the 20th century. Used regularly and in combination, yoga and meditation are said to alleviate stress, increase flexibility, boost emotional wellbeing, foster healthy eating habits and develop overall health. Meditation is specifically beneficial in lowering high blood pressure, reducing anxiety attacks, decreasing tension-related pain, increasing serotonin, improving immunity and boosting energy levels.¹ Yoga, on the other hand, boosts circulatory health, improves athleticism, sustains healthy metabolic function, aids in weight loss, improves respiratory function, develops muscle strength and protects the body from injury. With the popularity of these two practices and the technology available today, beginning a yoga and meditation routine is easy. Regular meditation can be done at home with a professionally-guided audio recording or in a group class at your local wellness center. Meanwhile, group yoga classes can be found at nearly every major fitness chain, boutique fitness studios or via at-home instructional videos. We recommend hesitant patients try beginner yoga stretches and moves at home first to better acclimate themselves with the practice before attending a group class.


Stemming from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is designed to motivate various areas of the body via needles inserted into the skin. Acupuncture can help treat pain and stress-related illnesses all over the body. Although needles are used, acupuncture treatment is relatively painless and effectively reduces chronic pain without the use of prescription medications. Acupuncture can help treat muscle spasms, back pain, headaches, neck pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis, allergies, mood disorders, depression and digestive problems. To undergo acupuncture treatment safely, the National Institute of Health recommends patients find a well-trained physician who uses medical-grade sterile needles regulated by the FDA. Do your due diligence before undergoing any sort of medical treatment at a new facility. 

Essential Oils

Aside from their pleasant scent, essential oils are a household staple for many holistic health aficionados. Between lavender, lemon, tea tree, peppermint and frankincense (among countless others), selecting the right essential oil for your body takes research. Some essential oils are said to soothe muscles, fight flu symptoms, improve digestion, balance hormones, alleviate skin ailments and reduce wrinkles. For a better gauge on which essential oils can best benefit you or your family, check out Dr. Axe’s guide to essential oils for beginners.
Dr. Ted Herrmann of Assure A Smile is a leading Miami holistic dentist committed to enhancing each patient’s oral care with total body wellness in mind. To further discuss adopting holistic practices as part of your dental health, call Assure A Smile at 305-274-0047 today.
¹ http://www.artofliving.org/us-en/meditation/meditation-for-you/benefits-of-meditation

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