A Brief Introduction to Holistic Dentistry

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A Brief Introduction to Holistic Dentistry

To understand why you should opt for a holistic dentist over a regular one, it’s important to know the fundamentals of what makes them different. Holistic dentists examine clients from a broader, holistic perspective while keeping in mind that the health of the teeth is closely linked to the rest of the body. Additionally, holistic dentists refrain from using metal in the mouth or BPA, which may affect the body’s delicate hormonal balance.
The words “Integrative Medicine” are closely tied to holistic dentistry which simply means a combination of various therapies. In the case of holistic dentistry, it involves techniques that are established and taught in schools as well as therapies that aren’t as universally accepted yet have been shown to work countless times. To give an example, think of meditation or acupuncture. Holistic dentistry focuses on the spirit, your teeth health, your environment, as well as your mental health.
In regards to spirit, this involves evaluating the “collective consciousness” of your environment. More and more people are paying closer attention to what they consume while practicing exercises that boost mental and physical health such as yoga. Should the spirit become isolated, it may lead to depression and, therefore, a failure to maintain proper dental health.

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