What is Biological Dentistry?

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What is Biological Dentistry?

Today, patients have the opportunity to experience a safer and more thorough approach to oral health and wellness. Named biological dentistry, this method of oral health care differs from traditional “drill and fill” dentistry in several key ways. The following quote from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) perhaps best summarizes biological dentistry:
Today, we can do better dentistry, in a less toxic, more individualized, more environmentally friendly way than ever. Biological Dentistry is a thought process, an attitude, and a guide for making choices in dental practice.   (i)
Let’s do better. This article has been created to introduce South Florida families to the concept of biological dentistry, and why it’s important.

Why Visit a Biological Dentist?

So, should you change dental providers? If you are uncertain, consider the following reasons why men, women, and families are turning to biological dental practices in increasing numbers in 2015.
1. Biological dentists are concerned with biocompatibility.
Historically, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determine what is “safe” for use in dental procedures. However, most patients are unaware that there is a “grandfather” clause that says current materials are okay if they are “substantially equivalent” to materials that were approved prior to May 28, 1976 (ii). This is the primary reason traditional dentists still use hazardous materials, like mercury, in routine procedures like tooth restorations.
Despite current laws and regulations, biological dentists are committed to improving patient health by using only biocompatible materials. These materials are known to be less toxic to the body while presenting little, if any, threat to total body wellness.
2. Biological dentists are opposed to mercury amalgam (silver fillings).
As mentioned above, loopholes in current laws and regulations allow the use of mercury in dental amalgam, the silver metallic mixture that is used to create silver fillings. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, and there is simply no reason for it to be used in dental work. These silver fillings can contain up to 50% or more mercury, and studies indicate that they can be extremely harmful to health. For more information, visit this infographic on the toxic effects of mercury dental fillings.
3. Biological dentists specialize in mercury filling removal.
Mercury dental fillings present a real health concern for both patient and community. Biological dentists recognize this alarming issue, and they have the experience and equipment needed to safely extract toxic dental amalgam. Practices specialize in proper disposal as well, filtering all debris to prevent mercury from polluting the local community via sewers and waterways.
4. Fluoride is never used by biological dentists.
Fluoride is another chemical that is allowed by current laws and regulations. Fluoridated water is a highly controversial topic internationally, with many nations banning the practice due to unsafe exposure and well-documented side effects. These include hormonal imbalance, damage to the pineal gland in the brain, and lower IQ in children, just to name a few. Recognizing the harmful nature of this chemical, biological dentists do not use fluoridated water or topical fluoride treatments.
5. Biological dentists are eco-conscious.
Patient health is most heavily affected by what happens outside the dental office. Lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins, for example, have a significant impact on patient health and quality of life. Biological dentists are aware of this fact, and they implement eco-friendly business practices to preserve the health of the community in which they live and work. Using special filtration and disposal techniques when handling dental amalgam is just one example of the eco-conscious effort these practitioners put toward building a better community. To understand how impactful that simple practice is, consider that the World Health Organization has named dental amalgam as the single biggest source of mercury pollution in non-industrialized settings (iii).

Biological Dentistry in Miami, Florida

At Assure A Smile, we are raising the bar on patient health and quality of service by offering only the safest dental materials and procedures. To learn more about biological dentistry in Miami, contact Assure A Smile by calling 305-274-0047.
(i) http://iaomt.org/intro-articles-biological-dentistry/
(ii) See above.
(iii) http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/medicalwaste/mercurypolpaper.pdf

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