Do You Need a Toothbrush Sanitizer?

Do You Need a Toothbrush Sanitizer?

Your toothbrush’s job is to keep your mouth clean and free of the germs and bacteria that come from plaque. However, in doing so, they ultimately get some wear and tear and need to be switched out often to avoid unsanitary conditions, making your mouth dirtier than before brushing.


Bacteria in your mouth can cause several oral health concerns. This includes infections and diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, canker sores, and more. Since the bacteria and condition of our mouth play a part in our overall health, we must do the best we can to keep our mouths clean.


If you think you may have an oral health issue like gum disease, please contact holistic dentistry in Miami.


Many think that a toothbrush sanitizer will solve all their problems when it comes to keeping your toothbrush clean. They work by disinfecting the toothbrush, not sterilizing it. Many make the mistake of thinking that a toothbrush sanitizer will keep their toothbrush completely germ-free, but that is not true. Only sterilization can do that.


By using steam and dry heat, along with UV light and heat, toothbrush sanitizers can get rid of a lot of the germs living on your toothbrush.

Toothbrush sanitizers cannot guarantee a 100% clean toothbrush, but they can do a lot in the way of keeping your mouth clean. Along with these tools and regularly seeing your holistic dentist in Miami, here are a few things you can do to make sure your toothbrush, and mouth, stay clean.


  • Store your toothbrush properly, upright, and away from the toilet bowl and sink.

  • Replace your toothbrush every three months and stop using ones that have frayed bristles.

  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after use and allow it the space it needs to dry.

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