Eating Well for Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

//Eating Well for Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

Eating Well for Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

Assure A Smile knows that good oral and overall health starts with balanced nutrition.  Overall wellness of the body is reflected through the health of the oral tissues and health of the teeth and gums can dramatically impact the health of the body as a whole.
The majority of Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.  The multi-million dollar health-supplement industry exists due to Americans’ desire for pre-packaged, easy-to-swallow supplements.  But good supplements can be expensive. Less expensive supplements that use cheaper fillers and compressed pills that make them easier to swallow can inhibit the body’s ability to break them down or absorb them completely.  Consequently, a large number of supplements are flushed from the body and down the toilet.
Even “well balanced” diets may lack adequate amounts of specific nutrients to overcome health issues because today’s genetically enhanced and over processed food chain just does not provide Americans with everything they need to sustain good health.  So simply learning about which foods are healthy and which ones are not can help improve your health dramatically
Miami dentist Dr. Theodore Herrmann endorses the use of supplements to provide the body with what it needs to balance your nutrition.  “Nutraceuticals” or pharmaceutical grade supplements are available for purchase at Assure A Smile to help our patients achieve that nutritional balance and or to aid in therapeutic healing.
Miami’s Home of Holistic Dentistry has a certified nutritional counselor to help our patients and South Florida’s residents choose healthy foods that promote healthy teeth and gums for life. Here are 3 tips for improving overall health through better nutrition:
But first, it is important to note the difference between food items and supplements.  Food items include all of the all-natural and consumable things needed to sustain health:  Water, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and others.  Supplements are the encapsulated nutrients meant to “supplement” food items.  These include the familiar lettered vitamins, and minerals as well as amino acids, omegas, and oils that are now becoming more popular.
1. Find a dressing or dip.For many, the biggest drawback of a healthy diet is taste.  Processed and “flavor enhanced” foods usually contain a high amount of chemical additives and sugars.  The abundance of sugary foods makes all-natural foods seem bland in taste.  To help overcome this, try using a dressing or dip that adds zesty flavor to vegetables and fruits.  Things like a healthy organic dressing, natural honey, and cottage cheese are fine examples of healthy “add-ons” that will make it easier to consume more healthy foods.
2. Salads ARE for everyone! Most get the impression that salads are only for people on a diet.  Yes, eating salads are a great way to help shed a few pounds.  Tossing a salad with a myriad of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables is a great way to get a huge amount of essential nutrients.  Here’s a tip:  Get colorful!  The different coloring of fruits and vegetables often indicates their unique nutritional content.  Mixing a variety of different colors can give a well-rounded selection of vitamins, minerals.
3. Smoothies.Smoothies are a great choice for the many reasons mentioned above and more.  They can contain a diverse mix of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, and they taste downright delicious.  You can even put your supplements in a smoothie to make them easier to take. Smoothie store chains have become very popular and are convenient for that “on the run” for lunch or breakfast.
Assure A Smile, South Florida’s Home of Holistic Dentistry, is committed to helping patients increase overall health through applied holistic dentistry and ongoing education. So watch for more tips to come!
We invite South Florida residents to schedule an appointment with Assure A Smile to experience the alternative to the traditional dentistry.  Readers can call our front desk directly at 305-274-0047or request an appointment online at

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