Improving Thyroid Health with Natural Remedies

//Improving Thyroid Health with Natural Remedies

Improving Thyroid Health with Natural Remedies

Improving Thyroid Health with Natural RemediesThere are 3 main types of thyroid conditions that may adversely affect your overall health: Hashimoto’s Disease, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. Each of these conditions inhibits the thyroid’s ability to produce a normal and healthy amount of thyroid hormone. It is important to always consult your physician if you suspect you may have a health condition, particularly if you notice symptoms associated with Hashimoto’s disease, Hyperthyroidism, or Hypothyroidism (as side effects may have a profoundly negative impact on physical, mental, and emotional health).  After learning more about the specific condition that is affecting your thyroid health, you may learn more about the medications and natural remedies that are available to help.

Natural Remedies for Thyroid Health

Prescription drugs dominate today’s medical world, and it is no surprise that physicians often recommend them as the best way to promote thyroid health. There are natural ways to accomplish the same goal, however. Some health professionals even believe that using natural remedies to re-train your thyroid is a healthier alternative to prescription medications.
“I think it’s better to retrain your thyroid gland so it makes its own hormone again,” explains pharmacist Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. (i).
By understanding how the thyroid works, Ms. Cohen believes that individuals may pursue natural remedies that help to reverse the problem from the inside, out. To accomplish this, she recommends using the following 4 natural remedies to promote thyroid health:

1. Iodine

Dr. David Brownstein explains that Iodine is an essential nutrient to overall wellness, yet “deficiency is rampant in the U.S.” (ii).  Iodine is instrumental in the healthy production and regulation of thyroid hormones, and one should consider an Iodine supplement their first step towards retraining the thyroid to function properly.

2.  Iron

Iron is also critical in the production of thyroid hormone, however it also helps with “utilization.” Utilization is the process by which the body actually uses the hormones to perform a wide variety of metabolic functions. This makes iron very important, because a healthy level of thyroid hormone is of little value if the body is unable to properly utilize it.

3.  Minerals Zinc, Selenium, and Chromium

Minerals like Zinc, Selenium, and Chromium offer a two-fold benefit when it comes to thyroid health. First, these trace minerals help the body to convert inactive hormones into active ones. This increases the ability of the hormones to regulate important biological functions like heart rate, temperature regulation, and the production of energy. Moreover, each of these minerals is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from destructive free radicals, providing a second benefit to supplementing your daily diet with these minerals.

4. Ginseng

Eastern medicine has long praised natural herbs as vehicles for total body wellness. Today, Western medicine has traded these all-natural herbs for a doctrine that relies more on synthetic drugs. Nevertheless, herbs like Indian Ginseng has been shown in animal studies to stimulate healthy hormonal production while also supporting health adrenal gland function. Available under the name Ashwagandha at most health food stores, this supplement is a well-rounded natural remedy to promote general hormonal wellness.
A Note to Our Readers: Always consult a physician prior to making changes to your diet or exercise regimen. If you or a loved one suspects a thyroid condition is affecting your health, seek the consultation of a medical professional.
This report has been produced by Assure a Smile, South Florida’s Home of Holistic Dentistry. For more information, readers are invited to visit the URLs in the Sources section below. Readers may also schedule an appointment with a holistic Miami dentist to learn more about the toxic side effects of fluoride.
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