New Film Exposes the Truth Behind Mercury Dental Fillings

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New Film Exposes the Truth Behind Mercury Dental Fillings

You Put What In My Mouth? is a documentary by Randall Moore, who follows the lives of four people as they attempt to spread knowledge of the dangers behind mercury amalgams. The film’s funding initiated on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, where they surpassed the goal of $60,000 for the film’s release. The film’s cast and crew refer to themselves as Team Mercury Exposure, and are highly motivated to transform the dental health industry into a mercury-free, advanced practice.

The Story Behind You Put What In My Mouth?

Moore found his four subjects while journeying and interviewing government officials, dentists, lawyers, and scientists for the past two years. All four are advocates for mercury-free dentistry because in on way or another, they have experienced the negative consequences that follow silver fillings. The Environmental Protection Agency grades mercury as a bio-accumulative toxin. Still, the FDA and ADA have yet to take any strong action and eliminate the use of mercury fillings. With today’s advanced technology and safe alternatives, mercury fillings are unnecessary.
Not only is it dangerous for patients, exposure to mercury is also toxic for everyone in the office when they are attending to a patient with silver amalgams. In fact, toxic exposure during routine dental procedures violates many workplace safety laws. An astonishing 170,000 dentists across the United States still work with amalgams while refusing to acknowledge the harm they are imposing on their patients, their staff, and themselves. Most of this is due to erroneous claims that amalgams don’t release mercury.
Watch the trailer here:

The Hazards of Silver Fillings

According to the World Health Organization, dental amalgams are the number one source of mercury exposure outside of industrialized settings (i). About 120 million Americans have silver fillings and are consistently inhaling and ingesting mercury vapors. And unfortunately for patients, many aren’t even aware that their fillings are toxic. For political reasons, the American Dental Association refuses to ban the use of mercury fillings, exposing millions of Americans to the potentially toxic side effects of methylmercury poisoning.
There are around 30 potential side effects mercury can produce (ii). Irritability, anxiety, memory loss, trouble concentrating, lethargy, insomnia, depression, compromised self-confidence, are just a few of the mental complications. Physically, patients with mercury fillings may experience numbness and tingling in extremities, muscle weakness, trouble balancing, tremors, bone loss, alveolar bone loss, tissue pigmentation, burning, bleeding gums, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and chronic headaches.

Get Involved with Team Mercury Exposure

After learning about mercury exposure and the lack of awareness across the globe, you might feel the urge to contribute. Share this blog post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn so they can make more informed dentistry decisions moving forward. There are millions of silent sufferers, struggling emotionally because they don’t understand the causes of their illness.
Additionally, you can contribute money to their Kickstarter campaign. The team has surpassed their initial goal, but extra funds can help polish the film and better the odds of it reaching more film festivals. They are also looking to hire a well-known actor for the voice over, and name recognition would help get the film in front of more eyes for higher exposure. The extra money would also assist with their promotional strategies. Plus, each donor receives something in return from his or her generosity. Just $25 ensures a digital download of the film after it’s finished.
For more information on donations and to share with your friends and family, check out Team Mercury Free’s Kickstarter page.
Be sure to ask your dentist if he or she uses mercury-rich dental amalgams in their procedures. If they do, consider switching to a holistic dentist where you know you won’t be subjected to mercury vapor poisoning and potential long-term suffering.

Mercury Free Dentistry at Assure A Smile

At Assure A Smile, we concentrate on the safe removal of silver amalgams and replacing them with biocompatible, sustainable alternatives. In order to reduce our waste, we safely and responsibly dispose of the mercury fillings. Our patients deserve to live mercury-free, and we want to educate as many as possible on the benefits associated with holistic, biological dental care.
To get started on the path to living mercury-free, contact the Assure A Smile office at 305-274-0047.
(i) Mercury and health. World Health Organization. Published September 2013.
(ii) References Documenting Symptoms to Mercury Exposure. MercuryExposure.Info. Published August 2011.

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