PATH: Advances in Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Ted Herrmann

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PATH: Advances in Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Ted Herrmann

On Wednesday, April 19, Dr. Ted Herrmann, DMD, led a lecture on the latest technological advances in holistic dentistry and general wellbeing. The event was organized and led by Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare (PATH), a non-profit educational group that teaches how chronic illnesses are highly influenced by environment, nutrition and lifestyle.
At the event, Dr. Herrmann spoke to the innovative and precise tools we use here at Assure A Smile to enhance our patients’ oral and general wellbeing. Beyond providing information on healthier holistic-guided lifestyles, our team can provide reprieve and support for patients suffering undiagnosed symptoms or ailments that often begin in the mouth. Our goal is to help patients understand the link between their dental and total body health, relieving troubling symptoms and providing lasting peace of mind.
A few of the services we provide to identify oral conditions that impact the entire body include imaging technologies, ozone therapy, biocompatible materials and nutrition counseling. In his lecture, Dr. Herrmann also explained how traditional root canals, mercury poisoning and fluoride toxicity are scientifically linked to chronic illness and other health complications. Assure A Smile is strongly committed to patient education and we employ these ideals on a daily basis.

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