Do Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

//Do Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

Do Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

Each year, over 40 million teeth are treated with root canals. Root canals are performed to remove the nerve and the surrounding pulp at the center of an infected or decaying tooth. Most mainstream dentists see root canals as the only way to save a tooth’s structure in severe cases. After the pulp is removed, the dentist refills the lost nerve and pulp with a plastic substance to deter bacterial growth.
Standard root canals that use manual files for cleaning fail to effectively sterilize the tooth completely. This leaves germs to fester and transform into anaerobic bacteria – a type of bacteria that does not need oxygen to grow. Once the canal is filled, no blood flow reaches the root, which disables the immune system or antibiotics from eradicating infections. The plastic filling (called gutta percha) fails to reach the tiny canals deep within the tooth’s root. Combined with the fact that teeth are porous, bacterial leakage is inevitable. Thus, infections continue, releasing toxins called “thio-ethers” that effortlessly travel into the bloodstream. These toxins have been linked to numerous chronic illnesses, including breast cancer.

Roots Canals and Chronic Illness

In 1923, a study conducted by Dr. Weston Price with the help of 60 certified dental professionals revealed that there is no benign way to perform root canals. One such reason cited is the idea of “focal infections” – a condition embedded within the holistic medical and dental philosophy. Focal infections are the belief that toxicity within the mouth has the potential to impact surrounding tissues and other organs throughout the body. Yet, the American Dental Association (ADA) dismissed Price’s research and findings, despite former endodontists substantiating such claims. Numerous physicians since have made it their life’s work to inform the public on the link between root canals and chronic illness, including Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Josef Issels and Dr. Thomas Rau.
Dr. Rau, a lead at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, reviewed the records of 150 breast cancer patients treated in 2004. Over 98 percent (147) of his breast cancer patients had one or more root canals on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor.
Well-known dental professional and author of The Toxic Tooth: How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick, Dr. Kulacz explained his findings after performing biopsies on extracted root canals in an interview with Dr. Mercola:
“Almost all of them have remnants of necrotic debris still in that canal meaning that they were not thoroughly cleaned. Microbiological cultures of the surrounding bone showed infection almost 100 percent of the time.”¹
Dr. Kulacz explained that not every root canal tooth causes chronic illness, as the type of bacteria, toxins and immune system strength varies by patient. But, given there are 25 to 30 million root canals done every year, the odds are noticeably higher.

Root Canal Alternatives

Assure A Smile, a holistic dentistry located in Miami, is proud to offer root canal removal to properly eliminate bacteria and infection before restoration. Using ozone therapy, we can efficiently eliminate serious infection and decay before resealing the tooth with biocompatible materials. Because it’s able to penetrate deep within the tooth root and attract infections, ozone gas or liquid is the safest and most powerful method for eliminating toxins in the mouth.
To schedule your root canal removal in Miami, contact our office at 305-274-0047.

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