Should You Use a Plaque Scraper at Home?

Should You Use a Plaque Scraper at Home?

When you visit the dentist for teeth cleaning, the dental hygienist will use specialized materials to remove plaque buildup from your teeth – including scrappers. At-home plaque scrapers are available for purchase from Amazon or drugstores, but they are not a good idea to use. It is best that you leave plaque scraping to your holistic dentist in Miami.


Many people want to use at-home remedies for plaque buildup since it can harden into tartar and cause gum disease and tooth decay and may seem quicker than heading to the dentist. Bacteria is released from plaque, breaking down the tooth enamel while also causing damage to the connective gum tissue and even bone. This is a severe issue as it can cause periodontal disease.


However, the tools used to break down plaque and tartar on your teeth are often metal or ultrasonic and have very sharp ends (which allow easier removal) but should only be handled by a professional. Your dental care team at holistic dentistry Miami knows what to look for in gum disease and how to remove plaque buildup safely. Using it at home can cause damage to your gums and teeth, and will inevitably cost you more time.


That damage is not merely painful – it can lead to other serious oral health issues. Damaging gum tissue can cause gum recession, which exposes the tooth’s roots. These roots are extremely sensitive. Scratching the tooth enamel is common with at-home plaque scrapers, making your teeth extra sensitive. Scraping and cutting the gums can also cause infection as it exposes the gum to plaque, which is a host for tons of acid and bacteria.


It is best to just stick with your regularly scheduled dental appointments and let the professionals handle your teeth cleaning. Your gums will thank you for it.

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