The Decline of Mercury

The Decline of Mercury

At one point in time, mercury fillings were a standard in the world of dentistry, but they are being phased out in several countries, including Sweden and Norway. If the name mercury fillings doesn’t sound familiar, you may recognize it by its other name: silver fillings.

The ban on mercury in Europe began last year when mercury filling material was no longer allowed to be used on children below the age of 15 or women that may be pregnant or nursing. In fact, more than twenty countries comprising the European Union have banned them. Recently, Nepal has also followed suit.

Currently, the American Dental Association (ADA) allows the use of mercury filling material as it is considered safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) however, prohibits dentists from throwing away mercury filling debris in the trash or into wastewater. Mercury has been associated with autoimmune diseases and various recurring health issues.

Silver dental filling material is comprised of mercury along with metals such as copper and silver and they have been used for decades in years in treating tooth cavities and decay. The fact that more and more countries are banning it is something to consider and be excited about.

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