The Link: Cardio and Oral Health

//The Link: Cardio and Oral Health

The Link: Cardio and Oral Health

Holistic dentistry professionals know that overall health is intricately tied to oral health.  Several studies have linked heart disease and gum disease, showing that the same bacteria that infect the gums may also lead to cardiovascular disease.  With this in mind, dental professionals are increasingly urging patients to consider the “big picture” when it comes to overall health, and it means more than just brushing twice a day!
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
Holistic dentistry is not a fad.  The idea that the mouth reflects the overall health of the body originated many years ago with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You may explore these tooth-body connections right here on—simply visit our Meridian Tooth Chart to learn more about how the health of each individual tooth is often associated with the health of corresponding organs, glands, and other body systems!
Our Miami dental practice encourages patients to consider the ways in which everyday decisions impact overall health.  The Meridian Tooth Chart is one way to explore such relationships.  Another way is to keep up with the latest in holistic wellness research, studies, and news.  Of course, you may do that right here via the Miami Dentist Blog!  Simply Subscribe to our RSS Feedand you will be updated weekly with new wellness articles as they are published!

Oral Health Linked to Cardiovascular Health

The Miami Dentist Blog has covered the link between cardiovascular health and oral health in several different articles.  The bottom line:  the mouth serves as a gateway between the inside of the body and the outside world.  Bacteria enter the mouth each day, and most of the time our body effectively protects us from harm.  Sometimes, however, our oral defense system may fall into disrepair.  When this happens, bacteria may be free to enter the body and cause serious harm.  The easiest way for this to happen:  Through a mouth infected with gum disease.
Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when one of the following areas becomes infected:  alveolar bone (jawbone), periodontal fibers (the ligaments that attach teeth to the jawbone), cementum (calcified surface of the root of a tooth, or the gingival (gums).
Bacteria may make its way into the bloodstream after the gums are infected.  “Microbes found in the gums hit the bloodstream,” explains Dr. Winthrop Carter.  The Chairman of Periodontology at the Oregon Health and Science University goes on to explain “they go through the blood vessels, creating a response where the walls of the blood vessels thicken,” (i).  While there is still no strict evidence of a causal relationship, data suggests that those with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to develop Coronary artery disease.

Miami Dentist Recommends Running

Yes, brushing twice daily will help to prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.  However, extending the life of your heart may be accomplished outside of the bathroom as well.  Running is just one all-natural and entirely free way to increase overall cardiovascular health.  Studies show that regular cardiovascular exercise, like walking or running, may lower blood pressure and help arteries maintain their natural elasticity.  What’s more, running may reduce stress and the corresponding need for sugary snacks that stress often produces.
Patients are urged to consult their healthcare professional before engaging in physical activity, however.

Miami Dentistry:  Taking the Holistic Approach

Patients interested in taking the holistic approach to dentistry are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Assure a Smile Miami Dentist office.  Located adjacent to Baptist Hospital on Kendall Drive, the professionals at Assure a Smile are committed to delivering superior quality of service with an emphasis on patient education and overall health awareness.  New patients may contact Assure a Smile online or schedule an appointment via telephone at 305-274-0047!

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