What Does Soda Do to the Teeth?

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What Does Soda Do to the Teeth?


Countless studies have been done on how soda affects the human body. Excessive soda consumption may result in obesity and diseases such as diabetes. It can also be quite damaging to your oral health. How so? Read further.
Most sodas have high levels of sugar and they are acidic. When the sugar combines with the bacteria of the mouth it can potentially increase the existing level of acidity in the mouth, which may negatively affect the teeth. Tooth decay may result as the soda causes the enamel of the mouth to erode. Enamel is the protective “coating” of the teeth which protects the dentin layer, which is much more vulnerable to damage. If you’re a heavy soda consumer, there is also a greater risk of developing cavities.
The easiest step to reduce damage from carbonated beverages like soda is to stop drinking them altogether. However, that is a process that may not be realistic for some or is easier said than done. To reduce the damage, consider drinking some water after taking that sip of your favorite soda.
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