Introducing ZERAMEX® Ceramic Dental Implants in Miami

//Introducing ZERAMEX® Ceramic Dental Implants in Miami

Introducing ZERAMEX® Ceramic Dental Implants in Miami

As a holistic dentistry, Assure A Smile regularly researches the latest metal-free alternatives for all oral health care services, particularly those used in reconstructive dentistry. We are excited to announce a new option for safe, biocompatible dental implants at Assure A Smile: ZERAMEX® ceramic dental implants. Invented in 2009, ZERAMEX delivers the first metal-free implants in a two-piece, reversible design.


Ceramic implants have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1976. Today, ZERAMEX implants offer supreme durability and a fitted, comfortable attachment. Thanks to their two-part system, implants are initially concealed and healed within the jawbone. Then, prosthetics, abutments and crowns are applied, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom.
ZERAMEX state-of-the-art screws minimize the potential for bacteria buildup and infection, making at-home oral care for patients much easier. Because of the advanced support system, these ceramic implants are designed to last.
Zirconium dioxide allows for a more natural-looking implant compared to gray or silver titanium implants. For patients with gingival recession, the screws from silver fillings can show over time. With ceramic implants like ZERAMEX, the white coloring is designed to blend naturally with the tooth above. Plus, zirconium dioxide promotes better blood circulation to reduce plaque and deliver anti-inflammatory properties to the surrounding tissues. Unlike titanium implants, ZERAMEX does not lead to metallic corrosion or react negatively to your body’s biological functions.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Implants

ZERAMEX is the premiere zirconia implant for your oral restoration needs. Consider the following advantages that titanium counterparts do not offer:

  • Biocompatibility
  • Natural look and feel
  • Improved chewing
  • Streamlined design
  • No corrosion
  • Cleanliness and easy upkeep
  • Intrinsic stability
  • Conduction-free to keep energy pathways clear
  • No known side effects

We care not just about your oral health, but your overall physical and emotional well-being. The knowledgeable and friendly team at Assure A Smile works with every patient to ensure materials, dental procedures and results meet any holistic and health-focused lifestyle. To schedule an appointment to discuss reconstructive dentistry and ceramic dental implants in Miami, call Assure A Smile at 305-274-0047 today.

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