How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays can be a tricky time of year when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. As we find ourselves indulging in more treats, staying up late, and relaxing our normal dental hygiene routines, our teeth can often take the brunt of the neglect. From sugar overload to strange food combinations, your teeth and gums will thank you if you take a few preventative measures to ensure they remain healthy and strong. 


To help your mouth out this holiday season, here are some tips for maintaining your dental health, courtesy of your Miami holistic dentist


First of all, stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day, before and after meals, and especially after sugary treats, is a great way to help flush away the bacteria and other debris that can stick to your teeth. Additionally, drinking water can stimulate the production of saliva, which helps to counteract the harmful acids that can be created when eating sweets. 


Another way to keep your teeth healthy is to pay special attention to your brushing and flossing routine. To avoid wearing down your enamel, make sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and use a gentle hand when brushing. Additionally, it’s important to floss. Use a clean length of floss after each meal and make sure to floss between each tooth from front to back. 


One thing to be aware of is that certain holiday foods and drinks can be surprisingly harmful to your dental health. For example, sugary foods like candy and holiday cookies can feed the bacteria in your mouth and actually lead to decay. The sugar can coat the teeth and contribute to the release of harmful acids that can erode tooth enamel. Additionally, some food and drink combinations can be especially bad for your teeth. Acidic drinks like cranberry and tomato juice can be sold offenders, as they can indiscriminately demineralize your teeth, and leave them vulnerable to cavities. 


Lastly, it’s always a good idea to get a checkup and cleaning from your Miami holistic dentist at least once a year. Even if your teeth are healthy, professional cleanings can remove plaque and tartar messes to protect your teeth and gums. If you’re due for a checkup this holiday season, don’t hesitate to go ahead and make an appointment.  


Many of us enjoy eating and drinking around the holiday season but it’s important not to forget about dental health. With these tips from your Miami holistic dentist, your teeth have a much better chance of staying healthy this holiday season and beyond. So stay hydrated, pay attention to your brushing and flossing routine and watch out for certain food and drink combinations. And of course, keep up with your regular checkups and cleanings!


To learn more about the benefits of holistic dentistry in Miami and how to create healthy habits for a healthier you, please visit Assure a Smile online or call our friendly front desk at 305-723-9589.

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