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Root canals are a common procedure to attempt to eradicate inflammation and infection in the pulp of the tooth. However, improper root canals can lead to numerous future complications. While advanced technologies allow us to properly eliminate bacteria during a root canal procedure, individuals who underwent root canals without thorough cleanings could be vulnerable to systemic bodily issues.

The Dangers of Infected Root Canals

When you receive a root canal, the live pulp within the tooth is removed and replaced with artificial filler. Any missed canals – many of which are hidden – become a hotbed for bacterial growth and future infections. Your entire body is a series of interconnected organs and tissues, which means root canal infections can spread. While you may not experience side effects of a post-root canal infection on site, these toxins can travel elsewhere in the body and wreak havoc on your immune system. 

If left untreated, root infections cause pain, swelling and overall discomfort, making some sort of medical intervention necessary. But, traditional root canals fail to clean out or fill the tooth with total accuracy. In fact, there are numerous tubes inside of the tooth’s dentin that are hard to reach with standard tools and are therefore left untreated.

This leaves “gaps” of potentially harmful bacteria within the root, which are then sealed inside for years to come. The sealing process minimizes blood flow that would otherwise help antibiotics fight future infections. So while you may not feel the ache you did prior to the procedure, your tooth is actually rotting away from the inside.

At Assure A Smile, we offer root canals to save teeth with serious infection and decay using ozone therapy. This advanced treatment method effectively sterilizes the root, allowing us to reseal the tooth with biocompatible materials. Ozone gas or liquid penetrates deep within the root, attracting itself to bacteria and infections for the most meticulous cleaning. Ozone therapy is the safest and most powerful method for eliminating such toxins.

Root Canal Hazards and Implications

The first root canal risks were introduced by Dr. Weston Price of the Mayo Clinic over a century ago. Despite recent research corroborating with Dr. Price’s claims, the American Dental Association (ADA) claims root canals are perfectly safe. More recently, the Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF) used DNA analysis to identify bacteria left behind by root canals that could potentially lead to autoimmune disease. While definitive research is ongoing, we believe erring on the side of caution is key. Fortunately, many patients who receive a root canal removal – in order to rid the body of festering bacteria – see a massive and positive shift in their overall wellbeing.

Here at Assure A Smile, we understand that millions of patients have already undergone failed root canals and could be suffering from complications today. We want to help each patient restore their wellbeing and peace of mind, which is why we offer safe root canal removals at our Miami dentistry.

Root Canal Removal: The Procedure

In order to safely remove a root canal, Dr. Ted Herrmann will review your current oral health, past procedures done and other health complications. From there, we will schedule you for a root canal removal.

There are two ways to have a past root canal removed: cleaning and re-sealing or total extraction of the tooth. In both cases, Dr. Herrmann uses extreme care in removing toxic bacteria with the most cutting edge technologies available to the dental industry today.

  1. Cleaning and Resealing

Ozone therapy is a ground-breaking system that allows for intense cleaning to reach those small canals inside of the dentin that traditional root canals using ordinary tools cannot reach. After the tooth is properly cleaned and the harmful toxins are removed, we reseal the area with a biocompatible alternative.

  1. Extraction

During an extraction, the entire tooth is removed with immense care. Because the bone and roots are extremely brittle, they are more prone to breakage. In order to preserve the bone surrounding the tooth for a future implant, Dr. Herrmann gently extracts the infected tooth. Often, patients must wait a few months until a biocompatible Zirconia implant can be put in place to ensure the site is fully healed.

Root Canal Removal at Assure A Smile

Dr. Ted Herrmann is a leading holistic dentist in Miami who helps patients regain control of their health with nontoxic dental services such as root canal removal and ongoing holistic health practices. Through expertise, understanding and personal experience, Assure A Smile assists individuals seeking natural and comprehensive dental services to better their quality of life. To schedule a consultation for a safe root canal removal in Miami, reach out to us by phone at 305-274-0047 or book your appointment online.