How to Avoid Coffee Stains in Your Teeth

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How to Avoid Coffee Stains in Your Teeth

Coffee beans contain compounds known as tannins, a type of water-degradable polyphenol. The tannins in coffee makes it easier for chromogen pigments to adhere to the teeth, resulting in a yellowish look. The good news is that you can prevent coffee from discoloring your teeth by adhering to a few simple tips:


Use a Straw

Using a straw when drinking coffee is the easiest way to prevent stains on your teeth. Bypassing your teeth with a straw, the coffee lowers the possibility of contact.


Brush Your Teeth After Drinking

When you’ve finished your last cup of coffee for the day, clean your teeth quickly to help remove the tannin buildup.


Rinse Your Teeth With Water

If you cannot clean your teeth after drinking coffee, you should rinse your mouth with water. The tannins will be washed away, and the accumulation will be lessened.


Schedule a Regular Dental Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings help keep the enamel healthy and reduce the risk of staining by removing plaque accumulation and surface stains.


In order to help prevent coffee stains, brushing your teeth twice a day reduces extra buildup. As previously noted, routine dental cleanings frequently suffice to eliminate coffee stains. However, if your teeth are severely stained, you should talk to your Miami dentist about teeth whitening procedures or veneers to restore your smile’s brilliance.


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