Family, Feast, and Smiles: Thanksgiving Oral Health Guide

//Family, Feast, and Smiles: Thanksgiving Oral Health Guide

Family, Feast, and Smiles: Thanksgiving Oral Health Guide

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays when friends and family join together to give thanks for our many blessings. For people with beautiful smiles, it’s a great time of year to show them off with holiday goodies and family photos. Luckily, the team at Assure a Smile is here to help you take proper care of your oral health before any festive celebrations. 


Your oral health plays an integral part of your fitness and wellbeing, but it’s often disregarded. Therefore, our Miami holistic dentist encourages everyone to take it seriously and establish some sustainable habits for the sake of your self-care. After all, having a healthy complexion not only accentuates your overall look but also represents hygiene and cleanliness, and even good health overall. 


Since brushing and flossing daily can significantly help in maintaining your oral health, here are some expert-backed tips from our Miami holistic dentist to follow during Thanksgiving. 


  • Set a good example. Obtain a routine of morning and evening brushing and flossing schedule for the youngsters. Make sure to establish healthy habit formation in the family that gets them used to brushing and flossing on a regular basis. 


  • Limit the sweet stuff. Avoid overindulging in all the holiday goodies and other sugary treats. If it’s difficult to limit yourself, our Miami holistic dentist suggests enjoying the sugary treats and drinks with meals, so that food helps to lessen the effect of acids on the enamel. 


  • If you’re traveling, don’t forget your toiletry bag! Make sure to bring, and more importantly use, your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and on the go whitening trays to maintain your hygiene needs. 


  • Mind your eating habits during the meal. Not only does turkey contain high amounts of protein which can improve your overall oral health, but our Miami holistic dentist also recommends limiting the starch consumed during the meal. As these items can stick to your teeth, bacteria found in the mouth can with it, increasing plaque buildup around the teeth. 


Assure a Smile works to ensure that your teeth are bright and smiling just as much as everyone taking part in the Thanksgiving festivities. By channelling healthy oral habits, increasing awareness of the long-term consequences of inattention and establishing routine oral visits, our Miami holistic dentist wants your dental health to be up to par! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from all of us here at Assure a Smile!

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