Do You Have Crooked Teeth? Here’s Why You May Want to Fix Them

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Do You Have Crooked Teeth? Here’s Why You May Want to Fix Them

It’s often said that one of the first things people may notice about you is your smile. If you’re dealing with crooked teeth, this may make you self-conscious about smiling. In turn, you could be unintentionally giving the people you meet or come across the impression that you’re a cold person not to be approached.

Crooked teeth may be part of what makes you different but there are several valid reasons why you may wish to get your teeth fixed beyond the aesthetics, and they have a lot to do with your health, something a holistic dentist Miami like Dr. Theodore “Ted” Herrmann can share more about. For purposes of this blog, let’s explain this some more.

Tooth decay. We all know that brushing and flossing are essential to keeping the teeth and gums and healthy, but few would disagree that this process is much easier when the teeth are straight versus trying to remove and clean food particles from teeth that may be misaligned. As food and bacteria remain “hidden” in the harder to reach spots of the teeth, this could result in tooth decay, foul breath, and even gum disease.

Tooth wear. If the teeth aren’t straight, the misalignment may cause them to rub against themselves or perhaps against the jaw and gums. This can lead to teeth cracking, jaw strain, and it may even cause ongoing headaches.

Speech issues. Did you know that a misaligned tooth could prevent the mouth and tongue from creating the shapes necessary to create sounds? Particularly in younger children, this may cause a child to develop a speech impediment.

Better oral health. Receding gums, soft tissue damage, and even loss of the teeth can occur if crooked teeth remain untreated. In children, crooked teeth may also affect their craniofacial development. Owing to bad dental hygiene, you can also suffer regular oral infections. Periodontal diseases may lead to other illnesses or even cardiovascular issues in some cases. Thus, straightening crooked teeth adds to better oral health and reduces dental complications.

Remember that the teeth only encompass a large component of your overall health. Oral care is extremely important but you should also make sure that the body and mind are being taken care of. This is where holistic dental care in Miami can prove to be extremely vital. This practice involves examining your oral health and how it closely intertwines with the rest of the body.

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