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About Ozone Dental Therapy

Looking for a more natural way to combat an infection? Ozone therapy is one of the most advanced remedies available. This alternative medicine practice is used to help treat Lyme disease, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. In the field of dentistry, holistic practitioners use ozone therapy for root canals, periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity and cavity restorations.

History of Ozone Dental Therapy

Ozone therapy dates back to the 19th century when Christian Friedrich Schönbein, a German chemist, validated that ozone gas could alter the properties of oxygen.[1] Ozone is already present in the earth’s atmosphere and helps protect living organisms from ultraviolent rays. Ozone weighs more than air, allowing the gas to drop toward earth and cleanse pollutants.
In the 1920s, a Swiss dentist named Dr. Edwin Parr began using O3 to disinfect. In 1950, Dr. E.A. Fisch of Germany used ozone-enriched water in dental procedures, helping solidify its importance in the field of dentistry.

Ozone Dental Therapy Today

Today, controlled ozone application has proven to be safe and effective. Unlike antibiotics, O3 treatment does not come with side effects. In addition, ozone therapy assists in blood circulation and immune response.
Depending on the procedure, ozone therapy comes in either liquid (ozenated water) or its natural gas form. In both forms, the negative charge in O3 neutralizes the positive charge from bacteria and free radicals. Because negative and positive charges attract, ozenated water and ozone gas fights bacteria trapped in canals and under the gums. This minimally invasive technique penetrates areas of the mouth where regular tools struggle to reach, providing a deeper and more meticulous cleanse.
Assure A Smile uses the DOU120 Dental Ozone System, one of the most innovative technologies for treating decay and infection naturally and painlessly. To learn more about ozone therapy in Miami, reach out to us at 305-274-0047 or schedule your next appointment online.
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