Treating an Overbite with Invisalign

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Treating an Overbite with Invisalign

Overbite-treatment-with-InvisalignOverbites occur when the teeth of the upper jaw fall too far over those of the lower jaw.  As a holistic dental practice, Assure a Smile offers the Invisalign treatment plan for patients who wish to gently correct their overbite while preserving their teeth.  Miami Invisalign patients now receive $1,000 off treatment plans, making today the day to start forming the smile of your dreams!

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

Overbites, like Crossbites, are common in both young children and adults.  Depending on the severity of the overbite, health risks include the development of periodontal disease and TMJ.  Patients often wish to correct overbites for aesthetic reasons as well.  Assure a Smile prefers to offer patients the Invisalign Clear Braces treatment for several reasons, including:

Invisalign Is Clear

Invisalign uses state-of-the-art aligners that are molded to fit around both the upper and lower jaw of the patient.  They are almost exact replicas of the patient’s teeth, except they are tweaked slightly to shift teeth into alignment.  Best of all, these aligners are clear, offering a orthodontic treatment plan that is discreet.

Increased Oral Hygiene

Invisalign aligners are removable.  The days of brushing, flossing, and delicately cleaning around metal brackets and wires are long gone.  The removable nature of Invisalign makes it easier for patients to clean their teeth as if they never started an orthodontic treatment plan.  No special brushes.  No special floss.  Patients are able to maintain excellent oral hygiene without having to change their cleaning routines.

Miami Invisalign Offers Convenience

Unlike traditional orthodontic procedures, Invisalign Clear Braces are mailed to the patient at set intervals.  Patients progress through their treatment regiment without excessive office visits, making Invisalign both convenient and comfortable.

Miami Invisalign Special:  Assure a Smile now offers $1,000 off Invisalign Clear Braces treatments!  Call or email today!

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