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Treating Gum Disease with Perio Protect

treating-gum-disease-with-perio-protectDo you have bleeding, puffy, or otherwise agitated gums?  If so, you may be one of 85% of adults who have gum disease.  Gum disease can lead to receding gums, loss of teeth, chronic bad breath, and has recently been linked with heart disease.  Treating gum disease, however, can reverse the process and help both teeth and gums to become healthy again!

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, afflicts about 85% of adults.  This condition is not to be taken lightly; when untreated, gum disease may cause recession of the gums, loss of teeth, and even heart disease.  Gum disease effects one or more of the following periodontal tissues:

Alveolar Bone, the bone that holds the teeth and gums in place

Periodontal Ligaments, connects the teeth with the Alveolar Bone

Cementum, a protective layer at the root of the bone

Gingiva, the gums

Once one or more of the above tissues are affected, serious and proactive measures must be taken to remove the bacteria from your gums and prevent it from developing again.  Assure a Smile offers the PERIO PROTECT system for doing just that.

The first step in the Perio Protect treatment system is to have an in-depth cleaning of the teeth and gums.  This cleaning focuses on the debridement, or removal, of plaque, tarter, and bacteria from the sulcus, or periodontal pocket.  The sulcus is the region between the tooth and surrounding gum area.

Once plaque and bacteria have been removed, a set of custom Perio Protect trays is made.   These trays fit tightly around your teeth while also leaving a reservoir for a treatment solution that runs along the gum line.  This solution is tailored specifically for your treatment needs, and it consists mainly of oxidizing and oxygenating agents that reduce bacteria populations (i).

After your debridement cleaning, it is recommended you wear the Perio Protect trays and accompanying solution 2 to 3 times daily. When the trays are inserted, the reservoir effectively holds the treatment solution along the gum line and prevents bacteria populations from regenerating in the sulcus.  This allows your gums time to heal properly.

Habitual brushing and flossing can prevent gum disease.  However, once gum disease develops, brushing and flossing alone are not enough.  Treating periodontal disease requires a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, followed by continual treatment of the area with a FDA approved, doctor prescribed solution.  As a Miami dentist, I recommend the Perio Protect system as a premier and fully customizable approach to treating gum disease.  The system works well from a holistic dentistry perspective as it works to restore each of the periodontal tissues through one convenient process.


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