Fluoride in Tap Water Imported from China, Untested Before Use

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Fluoride in Tap Water Imported from China, Untested Before Use

A majority of Americans still receive fluoridated public water, despite never consenting to the controversial practice in the first place. Water fluoridation has fallen under increased scrutiny in recent years, with the world’s leading researchers, government officials, and health experts offering insight on just how dangerous the outdated public health initiative can be. A growing body of research shows clear links between water fluoridation and several serious health conditions, including ADHD, lowered IQ, and underactive thyroid, just to name a few.
Now, public frustration with fluoride side effects has been compounded by the general lack of oversight the industry employs when sourcing, delivering, and monitoring fluoride distribution via public water systems. Recently, Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski commented on this issue, reprimanding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to inspect fluoride additives that are imported from China and added directly to U.S. water supplies:
We can’t even bring in prescription drugs from Canada into the United States. Why aren’t we buying fluoride from U.S. companies?  My committee is meeting with the Director of the EPA, and I will be asking why fluoride from China is not being tested by the EPA or the FDA. That’s unacceptable. No chemical should be coming into our country that is going to be put into our water, without some U.S. agency testing it. (i)

Lack of Oversight

Although lack of testing and quality control over fluoride imports from China is perhaps the most egregious of oversight failures, fluoride distribution throughout American communities is plagued by a number of other serious flaws. When combined, such widespread lack of control and accountability makes water fluoridation all the more dangerous, especially to young children whose developing bodies are more susceptible to fluoride toxicity.
A few of the most dangerous oversight failures include:

  1. There is no standard for fluoride concentration. The EPA sets a threshold that companies cannot exceed, however, recent studies have indicated that threshold could be up to 30% too high (ii).
  1. It is impossible to control how much fluoride each American receives. Fluoride is delivered through public water, a utility that most Americans have relatively free and unrestricted access to. Everyone drinks different amounts, making it impossible to prevent the general public from getting too much.
  1. Fluoride exposure also occurs through popular foods and drinks. Fluoride regulation is made even more difficult by the fact that popular foods and drinks are often manufactured with fluoride-enriched public water. This dramatically increases total fluoride exposure, which carries increased risk of developing serious mental, physical, and emotional side effects.

Despite widespread acceptance among so many American communities, water fluoridation has never been proven to prevent tooth decay by clinical studies. Moreover, fluoride is classified a “drug” by the FDA, which makes public water fluoridation a medical treatment that is forced upon communities, without the consent of the public. If this sounds unreasonable, rest assured there is a better way to prevent cavities, improve oral health, and build long term total body wellness.

Fluoride Free Dentistry at Assure A Smile

At Assure A Smile, we take a holistic and “fluoride free” approach to dentistry that views the teeth and gums as representative of total body health. Long term patient health and comfort are placed at the forefront of every exam, treatment, and procedure we perform. Toxic chemicals like fluoride and mercury-rich dental amalgam (silver fillings) are never used. Instead, patient exams and procedures are conducted using only biocompatible materials known to be less toxic and minimally invasive.
To learn more, schedule an appointment online or call our front desk directly at 305-274-0047.
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