How to Manage Your Sweet Tooth and Protect Your Oral Health

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How to Manage Your Sweet Tooth and Protect Your Oral Health

When you consume sugar, harmful bacteria feed on it and produce acid, which can eventually cause tooth decay by eroding tooth enamel. If you consume excessive amounts of sugar, it would be worth your time and effort to reduce your sugar intake. Here are some suggestions from your holistic dentist in Miami for curbing your appetite and protecting your oral health:


Substitute Healthier Sugars for Refined Sugars

Not all sugars are equally bad for you. An apple, for instance, has a lot of sugar but is still a safe and even healthy snack for your teeth due to its texture and high water content. On the other hand, foods like cupcakes and sodas are loaded with refined sugar and provide little to no nutritional value. Try substituting fruit and water for candy and sugary drinks in favor of healthier alternatives.


Consume Balanced Meals

It is common to mistake general hunger for sugar cravings. If you frequently crave sweet snacks before or after meals, it might be a sign that you aren’t getting enough nutrient-dense foods in your diet. You can feel full and reduce your desire to eat sweet treats by eating a balanced diet that includes whole grains, healthy fats, and protein.


Keep Hydrated

Dehydration can make some people crave sugar. Before grabbing a piece of candy, try drinking a large glass of water. Additionally, drinking water can keep your mouth clean and maintain the health of your smile.


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