How Good Oral Health Encourages a Healthy Immune System

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How Good Oral Health Encourages a Healthy Immune System

There are hundreds of different types of bacteria in the human mouth. Most of the microorganisms are harmless, and some of them may even be beneficial. However, some kinds can result in periodontal disease when they encroach on the gum tissue.


Gum tissue inflammation is referred to as periodontal disease or gum disease. Not only can it have major, detrimental effects on dental health, but it also has the ability to enter the bloodstream, which increases the body’s overall inflammatory load. 


Gum disease is often simple to avoid and treat for patients. Here are some pointers to help you safeguard your mouth and immune system, as well as improve your overall health:


  • Make routine checks at your dentist’s office. Dr. Ted Herrmann, a Miami holistic dentist, is constantly on the lookout for gum disease symptoms. He will suggest the best treatment plan if he discovers any symptoms in your mouth.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean the region around your gumline when you brush your teeth twice a day. Additionally, it’s critical to floss at least once every day.
  • Give up harmful habits. Smoking dries out the mouth, consequently promoting the growth of dangerous microorganisms.
  • Vitamin C is well known for strengthening the immune system, and it can help prevent gum disease. Try to consume largely leafy greens and broccoli, which are low in acid and high in vitamin C. In addition to these minerals, vitamin E, vitamin A, iron, and selenium also support the immune system.


Your body’s first line of defense against disease is your immune system! You can live life to the fullest by taking good care of it.


To learn more about the benefits of holistic dentistry in Miami and how to create healthy habits for a healthier you, please visit Assure a Smile online or call our friendly front desk at 305-723-9589.

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