2 Simple Ways to Conserve Water While Brushing Your Teeth

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2 Simple Ways to Conserve Water While Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing teeth is a part of both our daily and nighttime routine, so, understandably, you might get lost in thought while brushing those pearly whites, and thinking about the amount of water we are using while doing it is certainly the last thing on our minds. It may seem that letting the water run as you brush is not that bad when considering water conservation. However, you can save nearly 64 cups of water every time you brush by simply turning the faucet off. Water is a precious resource, and there are a few ways you can protect it while brushing your teeth.


Only run the water as you are rinsing. If you are brushing twice a day, you would likely use eight gallons of water a day, depending on how long you brush your teeth (holistic dentist Miami recommends two minutes each time). That equates to nearly 2,400 in one year. In addition to wasting water, this also wastes the money! The more water you use, the higher your water bill will be. This small but mighty step can help save a valuable resource for the planet and help save you some money.


Check for leaks in your faucets. When you brush your teeth, you are by the sink, so this makes for a great time to keep an eye on what your faucet is doing. Leaks can waste an average of 900 billion gallons of water across the nation every year. If your faucet is dripping after you turn it off, it may be time to call for a repair.


Saving water during your morning and nighttime brushing routine does not have to be difficult. Making tiny steps to save water and money while taking care of your teeth can make a big difference! For more oral health tips, visit Assure a Smile, holistic dentistry in Miami online.

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