Why You Should Get a Mercury Filling Removal

Why You Should Get a Mercury Filling Removal

In 1991, the World Health Organization stated that mercury found in dental amalgam (silver fillings) contained the largest mercury vapor source found outside of non-industrial settings. Mercury is dangerous and can cause serious health issues. Patients with silver fillings have a much higher risk of developing illnesses due to filling versus those that do not.


Mercury filling removal has gained popularity in recent years, and Assure a Smile, holistic dentist Miami, can help patients get rid of their hazardous silver fillings. Amalgam removal and replacement is a fairly common procedure but should always be done by a professional. Holistic dentistry Miami will help patients remove their silver fillings by using a few alternatives.


Dental dams cover the mouth, which protects the soft tissue from exposure. They prevent the mercury vapors and amalgam from reaching the esophagus and airway. Air filters will be used to prevent the mercury vapors from possible inhalation throughout the procedure, and advanced filtration systems will be used to dispose of the old amalgam.


Replacing mercury-filled silver fillings is the final step in the procedure. Assure a Smile offers patients restorative materials that are both natural and safe, without the known use of toxins or adverse side effects. Non-toxic white composites (resin-based, made of synthetic material used to restore tooth structure) are bio-compatible with the body.


Assure a Smile helps people across Miami have a healthier, happier, and safer dental experience without the use of harmful toxins like mercury. We do not use mercury in the office. Assure a Smile is happy to help you remove your old silver fillings. Call us at 305.709.0142 to schedule an appointment.

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