Assure a Smile Exclusive: Potassium and Heart Health

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Assure a Smile Exclusive: Potassium and Heart Health

miami dentist exlusive sodium potassiumAs the center of the circulatory system, the heart is often hailed as one of our most vital organs.  Function would not be possible without this involuntary pump, which sends oxygenated blood throughout the body to facilitate everything from basic muscle movements to complex mental cognitions.  When it comes to extending the life of you heart, new research suggests that the mineral Potassium is just what the doctor ordered.
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
As a Holistic Dentistry practice, Assure a Smile goes to great lengths to help patients stay on top of health news and medical research.  We believe that “staying in the know” is a critical component of making informed health decisions.  In this edition of the Miami Dentist Blog, we will explore new research that explains the role of Potassium in increasing overall heart health.

Sodium, Potassium, and the Heart

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported on a study lead by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that has been a whopping 15 years in the making.  Throughout the study, researchers followed over 12,000 participants and measured the diet and cardiovascular health of each.  In short, the study showed that (i):
1. High Sodium intake was associated with a higher rate of premature death from any cause, and
2. High Potassium intake was associated with a lower rate of premature death from any cause.
Researches took the study further, however, in an attempt to examine the specific relationship between sodium intake, potassium intake, and overall heart health.  They found that:
1. Sodium intake alone was not tied with higher premature death rates,
2. High Potassium intake was linked with a lower incidence of heart related fatalities, and finally
3. Consuming more Potassium than Sodium significantly reduced premature death.

The Sodium-Potassium Ratio

In the wake of the Center for Disease Control’s most recent findings, it is safe to assume that decreasing Sodium intake while increasing Potassium intake may help prevent the chances of developing high blood pressure, heart problems, and even premature death.
To do so, researchers suggest that adults reduce daily Sodium intake to about 2,300 milligrams (about a teaspoon of salt) while increasing Potassium intake to about 4,700 milligrams per day.  Some of the best sources for Potassium include:
Potatoes, 700-900 milligrams per serving
Spinach, 500 milligrams per each 100-gram serving
Prune Juice, 528 milligrams per 6 oz serving
Raisins, 598 milligrams per ½ cup serving
Bananas, 422 milligrams

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