Can You Overbrush Your Teeth

Can You Overbrush Your Teeth

Can You Overbrush Your TeethOver-brushing your teeth is probably not something you think could even be possible. If you are on top of taking care of your teeth, you probably brush twice a day, sometimes between meals. However, the recommended amount is to brush twice a day because there is such a thing as too much brushing.


Over brushing can jeopardize your oral health, causing dental abrasions, tooth sensitivity, and gum recession. So, how often should you brush your teeth, and how should you be doing it to prevent damage?


If you have concerns about tooth sensitivity, contact your holistic dentist in Miami.


Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common side effects of over brushing, caused by dental abrasion (also known as toothbrush abrasion). Dental abrasion happens when there is a loss of tooth structure by manual force, and in the case of brushing teeth, the bristles of the brush can wear away the tooth enamel. Then, the abrasion causes sensitive teeth – when the dentin layers nerve endings are exposed or are close to being exposed.


Tooth sensitivity can be painful. You may notice it when drinking cold water or hot coffee or eating sweet or sour foods. It can also flare up when brushing your teeth.


Gum recession can also occur. Gum recession happens when the cementum of the root is exposed. This can cause more sensitivity and pain and eventually lead to tooth decay.


Your best bet is to stick to brushing twice a day. You may also consider swapping your toothbrush for a soft-bristled one to decrease your chances of dental abrasion.


If you have questions about your brushing routine, contact holistic dentistry in Miami.

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