Does Spicy Food Damage Your Teeth?

Does Spicy Food Damage Your Teeth?

Spicy foods remain some of the most popular dishes in cultures across the world. However, many choose not to eat them for fear of damage to their teeth, but these foods have extraordinary health benefits. Spicy foods can:

  • Lower mortality rate when consumed often by nearly 14%

  • Speed up your metabolism

  • Fight inflammation – it has been used to help treat arthritis, autoimmune disorders, headaches and nausea

  • Help kill off bacteria because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

Turmeric, a popular ingredient in spicy dishes, also has a multitude of health benefits. It contains bioactive compounds, giving it medicinal properties. Like many other spices, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease.

While great for your health, spicy food can be painful for sensitive teeth, especially those with receding gum lines and tooth decay. The heat from the spices and high levels of acid can make your teeth hurt. As an alternative, try cutting back some of the spice so you can keep eating those foods. Be aware that it can also trigger acid reflux. If your teeth are still sensitive or in large amounts of pain, call your holistic dentist Miami.

Hot sauce, however, has a large amount of sugar. Holistic dentistry Maimi believes that the food we eat greatly impacts the health of our teeth. The store-bought hot sauce tends to have the most sugar and could cause tooth decay, along with being highly acidic from the tomato, vinegar, and lemon ingredients in it. Of course, a few times of eating hot sauce will not cause harm, but too much can break down the

tooth’s enamel over a longer period of time.

Spicy foods, specifically turmeric, can stain the tooth enamel a bit, but will stain temporarys completely yellow. If you want to continue eating spicy food and have white teeth, take a visit to your dentist for teeth whitening to avoid causing more harm to those already sensitive teeth. Your dentist will know how to whiten without hurting your teeth even more.

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