Ease the Stress with Box Breathing

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Ease the Stress with Box Breathing

Breathing is one of those things that we often don’t pay much attention to, yet it becomes profoundly important during certain moments such as being stressed. During this time, breathing becomes quicker and more intense as the nervous system activates the body’s natural fight or flight response.

Most people are not strangers to dealing with stress. If you don’t manage it properly, it can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health, from increasing anxiety to raising blood pressure and contributing to heart disease.

One effective way to reduce stress is to concentrate on your breathing. This is one of the many reasons why meditation is so strongly encouraged. When you can’t meditate, however, you can try something called box breathing, a tactic used by Navy SEALS to calm down.

Begin by slowly exhaling the air in your lungs through your mouth to a count of four. After exhaling, hold your breath for another four seconds. Slowly inhale through the nose for yet another four seconds, ensuring that your back remains straight and that your shoulders aren’t rising. Hold the breath for a final four seconds and then repeat the entire process.

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