The Digestive Wonders of Chicory

The Digestive Wonders of Chicory

The versatile herb known as chicory is worth looking into as something to possibly incorporate into a meal or two. It is filled with necessary vitamins such as A, C, E, and more and it is also rich in minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium, to name a few. Inulin is a dietary fiber in chicory capable of assisting with digestion. While indigestible, it is nourishing the intestine with beneficial bacteria. When it makes it to the intestines, it will ferment and become short-chain fatty acids before turning into healthy ketones which help feed the body’s tissue.

Some varieties of chicory are used in salads while others’ taproot is fried, ground, and used in coffee, often as an alternative. As an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, the roles it plays in human health are long. This also has gastroprotective properties but does not come with the multiple side effects usually associated with pharmaceutical products.

The anti-inflammatory properties of chicory and its ability to boost healthy bacteria can also have good effects on symptoms of inflammation of the intestines. In addition, as a sedative, it can help relieve anxiety and stress, while serving as something more natural versus the typical sleeping pills sold in stores.

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