The Potential Risks of Mercury Fillings

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The Potential Risks of Mercury Fillings

Do your teeth have any silver or amalgam fillings? Most of these fillings are comprised largely of mercury in addition to other metals. Mercury can have a significant impact on your health and it may even affect the environment. It’s worth educating yourself on mercury fillings and how they may be affecting your health.

Mercury poisoning is a very real possibility if you have these mercury fillings. Practically any kind of filling stimulation may prompt the release of mercury into the body. This means common actions such as eating and drinking or brushing can all increase the chances of your mouth and body becoming exposed to mercury.

To make matters worse, very little mercury is needed for it to result in poisoning effects. The mercury may result in psychological and neurological symptoms or it may reduce the strength of the immune system, increasing the chances of a person becoming ill. Mercury is a reproductive toxin, which means that it may also cause issues in expectant mothers, including problems with the proper brain development of the fetus.

There are symptoms you can watch for that may indicate mercury poisoning. These include fatigue, lack of an appetite, headaches, unusual mood changes, or even memory loss.

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