What is Bruxism?

What is Bruxism?

What Is Bruxism Bruxism is the dental or medical term used to describe clenching or grinding teeth. Bruxism usually occurs without the patient’s knowledge because it mostly happens during sleep. “Modern Medicine” is not in good agreement as to the causes of Bruxism because the causes and effects can differ widely from patient to patient. And most people never feel any symptoms until they break a tooth or experience TMJ disorders and pain.
The most noticeable symptoms of Bruxism include: frequent Headaches, Earaches and/or Migraines, Pain or popping and clicking in the joint of your jaw (TMJ), and teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold, or appear to be shifting or loose, and pre-mature gum recession. Great damage can be done to your teeth and gums as a result of Bruxism.
Abfraction is a loss of tooth structure at the gum line or on the chewing surfaces. This is often mistakenly identified as “gum line decay” or some dentists that are NOT familiar with how Bruxism leads to Abfraction and gum recession tell their patients, “You are brushing too hard”.
Abfraction Diagram
Dr. Herrmann has studied and treated TMJ disorders and Bruxism for more than 20 years. The most common contributing factors that Dr. Herrmann has identified include a misaligned bite or teeth, thyroid disorders, and intestinal tract reactions due to allergies, parasites, insufficient nutrition and stress. Daily stress can be a trigger for many people.
The most common recommended treatment is Night Guard therapy. Night Guards or Splints protect the teeth but often make the habit worse. Assure A Smile has a Bruxism Therapy program that has helped many patients overcome Bruxism. This program includes consulting with each patient about the influencing factors that are affecting them and a Night Guard that is better referred to as a Bruxism Training Device. It is a custom formed Night Guard that protects the teeth, reduces tooth shifting and most important: it trains the wearer to reduce or stop clenching or grinding.
Addressing ALL factors with Assure A Smile’s Bruxism Therapy program, the exclusive Bruxism Training Device and Physician, will result in the greatest reduction of this disorder. This prevents excessive tooth and gum damage and will also save the expense of repairing it.
If you or a loved one has noticed any of the above effects of Bruxism, contact Assure A Smile to schedule an appointment with South Florida’s Home to Holistic Dentistry. Readers are also invited to call our front desk directly at 305-274-0047.

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