Halloween Sweets that are Bad for Your Teeth

//Halloween Sweets that are Bad for Your Teeth

Halloween Sweets that are Bad for Your Teeth

Halloween Sweets that are Bad for Your Teeth


You probably already bought or at least spent some time perusing the bright, crowded store aisles in search of Halloween candy. Halloween is a magical time of year for both kids and adults, but eating too much candy can seriously damage your teeth. Continue reading to discover which Halloween candies are worst for your teeth.


Taffy is extremely sticky and gummy, making it a bad choice for anyone who has recently had extensive dental work done. Even if it doesn’t break a bridge or filling, it can stay lodged in your teeth for much longer than other sweets, causing cavities and the need for additional composite fillings. The same negative effects can occur with caramel.


Hard candies may seem harmless; after all, you can suck on them for an hour without worrying about them getting stuck in your teeth. However, therein lies the issue: due to their slow dissolution, hard candies contribute to an already acidic oral environment, eroding tooth enamel.


Snacking on powdery candy like Pixie Stix can be disastrous because sugar baths are bad for your teeth. Although the powder may dissolve quickly and not require any chewing, it still contains a high concentration of sugar that bacteria can use to dissolve tooth enamel. 


Sour candies, which cause the mouth to pucker, are also dangerous because of the damage they can do to the enamel on your teeth.


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