Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This 4th of July

//Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This 4th of July

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This 4th of July

The 4th of July is a time to get together with loved ones and indulge in a feast of delicious foods. However, the extended weekend can be quite damaging to your teeth. Therefore, we’ve put together some dental advice that will keep you smiling till the grand finale of the fireworks to help make your 4th of July celebrations as happy as possible!

Don’t Chew on Hard Foods

At 4th of July barbecues, ice and sweets like hard candy are frequently served, but did you know that these foods might damage your teeth? You’d be shocked at how many individuals believe that ice is excellent for their teeth. However, your teeth could sustain serious harm from only one crush. Furthermore, despite the fact that hard candies seem innocent, their high sugar content puts your teeth at danger and their consumption can result in dental emergencies like cracked or broken teeth.

Avoid Snacking to Protect Your Teeth

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in snacks like potato chips at a BBQ? Unfortunately, the starch included in potato chips tends to stick to your teeth. If you decide to indulge in these kinds of starchy snacks, be sure to floss carefully that day to get rid of all the food particles that could cause plaque buildup, or chew sugarless gum to get rid of food particles and promote salivation.

Be Careful What You Drink

Make sure to alternate beer and soda with water since these are common party drinks. This will assist in maintaining a healthy mouth’s pH level.


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