4 Types of Mercury-Free Dental Implant Materials

//4 Types of Mercury-Free Dental Implant Materials

4 Types of Mercury-Free Dental Implant Materials

Silver fillings (dental amalgam) are prepared with liquid mercury. Liquid mercury is extremely harmful to our health. Period. That is why we practice mercury-free dentistry at Assure A Smile. That is also why the last few decades have seen tremendous advancements in alternatives to silver fillings. When we remove mercury fillings, we can replace them with one of a number of different biocompatible oral prosthetics that are extremely durable and have no history of adverse health effects
Before any of these implants can be used, however, Dr. Herrmann will do a full evaluation of a patient to ensure that they are a proper candidate for them. If so, Dr. Herrmann will then use CEREC technology to create precise digital impressions and surgical guides to ensure optimal implant alignment and functionality.
There are four main kinds of replacements for mercury fillings: Ceramic, Zirconia, ZERAMEX®, and titanium.

Ceramic Dental Implants

Ceramic dental implants are made from zirconium, a material that closely resembles titanium. Zirconium is most widely recognized in its crystalline form—cubic zirconium—because it resembles a flawless diamond. Dental implants use a slightly different form of zirconium called zirconium oxide, or ZrO2. Although considered “metal free” by most dental professionals, zirconium oxide actually contains trace amounts of the metals hafnium and yttrium, though the amounts are so minimal that they do not cause a reaction in the body.

Zirconia and ZERAMEX® implants

Zirconia and ZERAMEX® are both constructed of zirconium and therefore are types of ceramic implants. However, there are differences between the two in both structure and design. Zirconia implants come in a one-part system which minimizes bacterial growth and promotes better bone health. ZERAMEX dental implants offer a two-part system that delivers superior flexibility and customization. Dr. Herrmann will suggest which of these alternatives is better suited for you based on your specific oral condition and needs.

Titanium Implants

Similar to a small screw, titanium dental implants were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the 1980s and were widely used in the decades thereafter. This type of implant is inserted into your jaw and then fuses with your gum and bones as it heals. The concern with titanium implants is that many people have extreme titanium sensitivity, which can lead to health problems if such implants are used.
Because of these health concerns, as well as the fact that ceramic implants including both Zirconia and ZERAMEX are stronger, more durable, and more biocompatible than titanium, holistic dentists prefer ceramic implants over titanium.

Assure A Smile: Miami Holistic and Mercury-Free Dentistry

At Assure A Smile, we have been and remain at the forefront of holistic, mercury—free dentistry. We safely and carefully remove mercury-filled dental amalgam and replace them with healthier bio-compatible ceramic implants which look more natural and avoid the health problems caused by mercury fillings.
To schedule safe mercury filling removal and replacement in Miami, click here to schedule an appointment online or you may contact us via phone at (305) 274-0047. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve your oral health as well as your overall well-being.

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